Earth houses


The earth-covered spray-concrete earth house must be one of the most eco-friendly & harmonious structures ever concieved by man. Swiss architect Peter Vetsch has designed a large number of these stunning organic earth houses, including his own home. Here are but a few examples:

9 Houses earth house estate (1978), Lättenstrasse, Dietikon

Leuzinger house, Dietikon

Schweizer house (interior), Flurlingen

Brighter and fresher looking than one would think when first hearing the name ‘earth house’, isn’t it?

Vetsch home (bedroom), Dietikon

Pictures from Vetsch Architektur (which has numerous other pictures of his past and current works)


An earth house does not necessarily have to be in flowing design. There are geometric designs that use the same principle, for those who just want to have the ecological benefits but find organic shapes impractical.

Model earth house (1979) Columbus, Ohio

Picture from: Underground homes

More examples of rectangular earth houses can be found among these informative links: Stockton Earth Home Project


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